Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mug of the Day - JON'S JAVA!

This morning's mug…
"Jon's Java"
A gift from Brie for Christmas 2008, and now the name of this blog!
I love this mug, and it's huge!
Drinking Boston's Best brand, House Blend.
It's a simple classic light coffee.  Brie gave it to me for Christmas this year!

Speaking of Christmas, here's some pictures of my holiday at home with the cats, and some other things!

 Tug - contemplating if he should take out the tree     
 Ripper, relaxed with a new catnip mouse
 Here's a gift Brie gave me.  It's a Kermit the Frog stocking holder.  I've wanted this sine I first saw it in 1980 when I was five.  She found one and got it.  I'm flabbergasted and love it!  She's the best

Elmwood also had two screenings of "Animal Behavior" this season…  Thanks to al that came out!  Here's a picture of the Jon and Brie puppets from the nite we had at the awesome Desultory Theatre Club!

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