Friday, August 31, 2018

Labor Day Weekend...

Purchase "ANIMAL BEHAVIOR" on VHX/Vimeo for $3.99 from now through the day Monday, 9/3/2018 and we will and donate $2.00 from your purchase to the MDA!
And once you've got "Animal Behavior" make a donation to the MDA of $3.00 or more and email us a copy of the confirmation of your donation at and we'll also send you a coupon to watch our series 
"The Risley Brothers" for FREE!
Not on Facebook?  That's OK!
Just email us your confirmation from The MDA to
Let's make Tugger Cat and Wes Risley proud!

To make a donation - use this link: MDA

This offer applies to purchases of "Animal Behavior" and not rentals.  Donation to MDA and purchase of "Animal Behavior" required to get "The Risley Brothers" free coupon.
Coupons will be sent out between 9/10-9/15/2018.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Nap Time...

Time for a break...  
Gonna take semi-break from the "net".
Will still share Elmwood stuff here and there...  But gonna keep busy with making puppets!  And Working on the new projects!
There's ALOT coming up!  Plus, I just need a rest, hahaha...
If you need me, you know how to find me!   

Please keep up the support!
Means so much to all of us at Elmwood Productions!

Don't forget Animal Behavior, The Risley Brothers and more are on VHX!

and HEAD!

Thank you all for your support!

And thank you Terror Films!