Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Steve the Vampire

Steve The Vampire
Star of his own series...

Here's a little peak into his design...

Russ and I came up with the concept of Steve and I went right to designing.
Below is the first drawing I did of him, we said a big "No". This one looks too old and too evil to be Steve...

Then came this one. Close but no cigar. Still too old looking to be a vampire stuck at 15 years old.
Then I made a joke about Steve looking just like Russ, and I drew this...Not sure if Russ was amused...
But that lead to the moment of "Yes!'
I took the two drawing above, put them together and ...There he is!

Steve catches up on some reading
This is from the very firt day of shooting a Steve short in spring 2006.

I had food poisoning. The night before I ate something at a major coffee retail chain that will not be named and got really really sick. But there was no way I was gonna not be Steve or postpone the shoot... It came out great even though I did pass out at one point!

Damn straight I'm dedicated to puppetry! Hahahaha!

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