Saturday, August 14, 2010


Screening Event!!! Sept 4th 2010
In Plantsville CT!
Be there!!!

Come enjoy the funny and energetic vibes of Jon Bristol and Elmwood Production's puppetry-gone-wild! If you think puppets are old school and boring, well you got it all wrong! These guys give puppetry a contemporary twist that you can enjoy and laugh along to.
If you think The Muppets and Crank Yankers were funny, well imagine the two coming together and you'll have the outrageous and quirky story-lines of Bristol and gang.

Jon Bristol will be showing films featuring his many crazy characters in off-beat yet always fun plots that include vampires, brains, and lots of humor. Guaranteed something different, yet very entertaining. Jon will also be displaying several of the puppets used in his films.

In addition, resident artist, Steve Rand, will have an eclectic selection of art films/documentaries to accompany the screening's feature presentation.
5 Bucks to get in and we'll even feed ya some popcorn!

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