Friday, February 18, 2011

Josh and Todd...

Todd and Josh

Tonite's a big deal.
Yes, tomorrow is the big premiere of the movie for the public to see...  And you better come see it!
But tonite.
We screen the film for the cast and crew.  It'll be the first time we all see the film together. 
Eric, Jim, Russ, and I have seen several different cuts as we've gone on.  But this will be the big one.  All the cast will finally see what they worked so hard on, all our girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, parents, kids, etc, will see what we missed birthday party's and holidays for...
Russ and I started this flick in spring 2003.  We had an idea with a buddy Josh Leder.  We cast Jim and Josh in it, and we started it.  
And it was bad...  So we let it sit.  
Josh and Jim stuck around for the next project.  Josh faded away when he got a girl...  But we couldn't get rid of Jim (we tried!  Just kidding Jim!) and he kept wanting to go back and do "Josh and Todd".  In 2004 or 2005 we tried again, but never even got it cast...  Then in 2008 Jim and I polished up the short film into a feature length flick...  and we were filming by the fall...  
Wow.  Seven years total on this flick, Hell, almost eight!  And now in a few hours we'll be watching it.  I have to admit I'm nervous.
I know it's good.  I've seen it.  
But will anyone else agree?
I'll let you know tomorrow!
And thank you Eric...
For being a true friend.  And honest human.  And for saying yes to being in the flick.
Without you I really don't think it would have been this good!

 Jon and Eric

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