Saturday, May 28, 2011


So I get home from Brie's last nite around 11:30 (held up by a DUI checkpoint on the end of my street!) and I hit the kitchen.  I don't turn any lights on, and I get out a can of cat food for the boys, a late nite treat of wet food.
So I open it and they come running.
And I should have put the light on.
I misjudged how close I was to the phone on the wall.
The phone an my head got into a fight.
And I got laid out on my ass.  Hahahaha.
Yes, I hit it so hard with my melon that I landed on the floor on my back.  So I'm there laughing and I open my eyes to see to cats looking at me like "Dude, you're a mess."
What a way to end the day...

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