Friday, June 10, 2011

I Need That Record! I really do!

Music is so important to me, and how I work.  When I'm making puppet, or writing, or drawing, I always have music going.  In the car, when I'm in bed, whatever, there is music.
Some people come home from work and watch TV.  Not me.  I come home and turn on the turntable, the iPod, or a CD...
Right now I'm drinking my morning coffee with Cee-Lo, I know you wish you were here hanging with me enjoying my awesome coffee and Cee-Lo saying "Fuck You", hahaha...

I spent most of my 20's working in music shops of some sort.  My love of music got me there.
My first music shop job was in 1996 at Strawberries (RIP), then I went on to Media Play (RIP), and then Record Express (RIP), and my time in music shops ended in 2004 when I left Borders (Living On The Edge or RIP).  So when I first heard about "I Need That Record!" I was jazzed to see it.  And I have, and it's awesome.

I didn't know much about what stores would be featured so when the whole movie starts at the last remaining Record Express in Middletown (RIP) I got all nostalgic about my time at the Record Express shops in West Hartford Center and East Hartford.  Then I remembered those shops were both dumps and didn't feel so bad, hahaha...  But it is sad to see most people are losing the local small shop to get all the weird cool stuff along with the biggest hits.
Recently Books and Music in Plainville CT closed it's doors.  Which was even sadder for me since we filmed some of "Josh and Todd" there.

This Saturday nite at Paris In Plantsville I'll be hosting our Monthly Film Screening and we'll be showing "I Need That Record!" and the director, Brandon Toller, is set to attend and do a Q&A after.  I'm really excited to share the film with people, so I hope if you're in CT you come out!
And I can bribe you to come!  Anyone who comes and makes a donation of 5 bucks or more will be entered into a raffle to win a bag full of music!  Over a dozen CDs of independent and national music (even some Marvin Gaye!) and a few LPs!

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