Saturday, September 3, 2011

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Meet Your Neighbor! is an event being held at The Hearthstone Pub in a couple weeks, and I'm pretty jazzed up about it...
Here's what's happening...  The Paris In Plantsville crew is inviting YOU and all your creative friends down to the pub and restaurant...  And bring your art!  Whatever it is!
We wanna see it!  And we want you to see ours!
Get it?
You show me your, I'll show you mine...  So naughty!
Anyway...  This is gonna be a blast, they have great food and drink there too, so you can fill up and art up!  We can all chill, talk art, talk film, talk puppets, talk whatever!  Meet some new people, network, make fun of Josh, and so on...

And Johnnie Sojive's coming too!

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