Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mr. Henson...

On my ride to Paris In Plantsville this morning I was thinking about the history of Elmwood Productions...  All the people who have been there, helped me make it happen, and those who have immersed their lives into it with me...  It's swallowed some of us whole!  Hahaha...  
I started thinking about how I got here and how I fell in love with puppets.  It was The Muppets, it was Jim Henson and his crew that kicked it off for me.  It's been with me my whole life.  I can't remember the "Ah-ha" moment that I fell in love with it.  But I can remember the day it hit me that I wanted to do this my whole life.  Freshmen year of high school in the start of the year...  That following May Jim Henson passed away.  I was devastated.
So I get to Paris, and laugh at Todd sitting on a table among the art in the studio, and I giggle a myself wearing a Kermit t-shirt.  Then I go to the computer to hit the net and do my routine and I see the date...  May 16.  The date stands out to me every year.  May 16, 1990 was the day Jim Henson died.  Maybe it was in the back of my head while getting dressed this morning, maybe it was in the back of my head on the ride to the gallery.  Maybe it's just become part of who I am: A Puppeteer.
The statement below I posted on Elmwood's Facebook page a few minutes ago and wanted to share it here too:
Jim Henson is the man that inspired myself and us (Elmwood Productions) to go where we are today... We've had many influences since then from other puppeteers, and film makers, musicians, artists, and even our families and friends... But Mr. Henson we must thank you for getting the ball rolling... I'm sure you're proud of The Muppets, The Henson Company, the Sesame Gang, and all those who were inspired to follow in some form your creative footsteps.
- JB

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