Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Old Lyrics - Broken


I’m so tired
And I can’t keep my eyes
I’m so angry
But I can’t remember
I’m so scared
I’m not allowed to let my fear

When I’m down and out
I feel like my mind is broken
And I don’t give a fuck
About what you have to say
I don’t wanna hear it today.

I’m so happy
But I can’t let my face
I’m so beaten
And I can’t keep the bruises
I’m so sad
And I can’t keep the tears
Inside of me

And when I’m sick of everything
I feel like my mind is broken
Don’t need that shit anymore
Don’t wanna see you today

I’m so hyper
But I can’t get over
I’m so horny
And alone in this
I’m so bored and there’s nothin’ left
To do
I’m so loving
And people don’t see me for
What I am
I feel so useless
Because there is nothing I can do
Without help from you

When I feel the whole world is morbid
I feel like my mind is broken
Can’t make decisions anymore
Don’t wanna live today.

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