Friday, December 14, 2012

"The Wandering"

On a normal day I wouldn't premiere an Elmwood Productions film on my personal blog.
But this isn't a normal day, and it hasn't been a normal year.
We started our Ten Years Of Elmwood celebrations in March.  And we'll be wrapping them up in March of 2013, with the premiere screening of Animal Behavior at Paris In Plantsville.
When we shot the movie "Josh and Todd: The Story of A Man and His Puppet" we had an extended sequence in it that was cut even before we started filming about Todd's brief life when he was homeless.  A small part stayed in (all the funny stuff) but I never forgot about the other ideas.  When we were putting together songs for the film this one song Russ found and we used for the homeless part struck me, moved me.  And I wanted to make a video.  I asked my friend and then room-mate Jordan to play the lead.  And he was all for it, he was after all one of the first people to see "Josh and Todd" and he loved it.  The we postponed the shoot a year, waiting till the following fall.
And Jordan passed away this summer, before we had a chance to make the video...

With all the joy and madness Elmwood has brought me and my lovely friends and family who are involved and support it, and all the fun we have making our comedies...  Sometimes it gets serious.  And it sucks.  A lot.
Sometimes out of that though, you pull through, no matter how hard it hurts your heart and brain, and you get back out there and make the funny again.  And we have been.  We've been cracking each other up.  This has been my favorite year in the history of Elmwood, we have kicked so much ass...

But for a moment - we get serious...

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