Friday, September 13, 2013


It's a philosophy, or way of thought and behavior, I've been trying to do myself...  ".W.W.H.D.?" 
"What Would Henson Do?"

In every book about him, or every interview you can read or watch about him from someone who knew and worked with him they all say how Jim Henson nearly never lost his temper, or raised his voice in anger, and lead the way by doing.  
This is something I am trying t do myself.  With my crew of crazy people.  And it's not easy.  For me at least.   I am very passionate about the fun we have, the work we do.  And it does get the best of me.  I'm writing this now to remind myself to behave this way, the "WWHD?" way and I have been able to keep my cool this morning doing it.  I was placed in a stressful creative spot and instead of flying off the handle I did my best to explain my side, and how the person causing this stress to me has made themselves look with their behavior to the rest of the crew.  I don't know if I got through.  And it really doesn't matter.  What matter is that I didn't loose my cool.  I didn't fly off the handle.  And it hasn't made my morning crappy.  From the moment I read my first text this morning I paused, made some tea, and said out loud to my cats "What Would Henson Do?" and they didn't give me any advice, but that's OK.    I sat down and started to type this, and in-between typing this I texted back.  I think there is a resolution, at least for me.  And I can go on with my day with a smile.
Cuz I kept my cool... 
Like Jim...  
Or Morris Day!

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