Friday, October 11, 2013


Tonite is the nite...
We're going to be screening "Animal Behavior" for the first time in public.
It's early in the morning now...  I'm excited and can't sleep.  Hahahaha...

"Animal Behavior" is a big deal for me.  I wrote, produced, and directed it.  And built all the puppets.  I picked the cast myself and this really is Jon Bristol's Elmwood Production...
And they did it for me.
That's a humbling and wonderful feeling.
The feeling of knowing that my friends, my crew, my family - all made this happen.
It's a goofy and fun family friendly show and it also raised the bar for Elmwood.

If you can't make it tonite, no worries...  You just gotta wait to see it, in 2014!
Before I get into the hype for tonite I want to thank some people...

My parents - Roger and Sue...  Right after I had the idea for the show they gave my the best Christmas gift ever - A ton of gift cards to craft, fabric, and art stores.  That went to the supplies to make a whole group of new puppets.  Which meant that the show would be underway sooner than planned!
My girlfriend - Brie...  For not only letting me make her a character in the show, and not only for voicing the character in post production, but for being with me for the past six years.  You're amazing.
My cats - Tugger and Ripper...  Yup they are real.  And they are my bros.
Mike Finland and Nick Foreman...  for coming in as I needed "something", that spark, that kick...  And for stepping up in "Animal Behavior" and working so hard.  And mike...  Ripper is alive on the screen, and it's your performance that does it.
Russ, Jim, Tricky Pete, and Gabe...  For sticking around, and again for working your asses off on this.  You know what you did for this show, and it looks great because of you all.
and Jeremy and Crystal...  for coming in during editing and nailing lines in ADR...  Amazing...  And don't worry Crystal - it's just "gonna fall outta your 'gina!"
And Joe...  Joe Calvo...  For being Joe Calvo

And now the hype - Required By Elmwood Laws!!!!

We invite you to join us for the premiere screening of "Animal Behavior" on October 11, 2013!

The screening is part of the two weekend Apple Harvest Festival in Southington CT, and is sponsored by Harvest the Arts!

Animal Behavior is the story of Tugger and Ripper. Two seemingly normal house cats. But Tugger has a plan. He's in love with his owners girlfriend. And to get her love he can only find one solutions. World domination. And it starts at home. He ropes his kitten brother Ripper into doing away with their owner Jon by hatching traps, and pranks that may cause his demise. Once Jon's gone they can live with his girlfriend and then take over the world from there. But nothing goes as planned and the world just isn't ready for two cats to run it! If you're a fan of Looney Tunes and The Muppets then Elmwood Productions' "Animal Behavior" is right up your alley!

The screening will be right on Center Street during the festival... So it's free! And outside! Feel free to bring your favorite lawn chair (or bean bag!) to sit down and enjoy the show! 
"Animal Behavior" is G-Rated fun for the whole family. Before and after the show the puppets will be on hand hanging out for pictures and fun!
When you come to the screening look for "The Litter Box"!!! Why? Cuz the Litter Box is where we will be accepting donations of pet food to bring to local animal shelters!!! And everyone who donates will be entered in a drawing to win a cat puppet from Elmwood Productions!

And here's some pics...  Of the making of "Animal Behavior" and the people who did it!!!

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