Sunday, March 2, 2014

Random thoughts on film/television...

I've never seen the third "Matrix" movie.
I've never watched a whole episode of "Dowton Abbey" or "The Walking Dead".  I have read "The Walking Dead" comics…  A few of the early issues, and liked them.
I liked the new RoboCop movie.  I don't care what it was rated.  It was fun.  That's all I wanted it to be.
The "Lord of the Rings" movies were kinda boring.  "Hobbit" even more, and I'm a Peter Jackson fan. Haven't bothered seeing the sequel.
How come "Howard the Duck" isn't on Blu-Ray?
Tom Hanks needs to make a comedy again.  A real comedy.  Something off the wall like "The Man With One Red Shoe".
I think Ben Affleck will be fine as Batman.
I haven't had cable since 2005.  I haven't missed it. 
"Fritz the Cat" is a funny movie.
When is Frank Oz gonna direct another movie?
We need a "Too Much Coffee Man" movie.

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