Thursday, April 3, 2014

There's a National Vitiligo Day?!?!

I stubbled upon this video and this persons You Tube page…


I have Vitiligo.  
It didn't kick in until I was 31.  And it spread quick.  I've always been a pale guy, so most of the year up in good ol' New England it's not all that noticeable.
Come spring and summer though as I spend more time in the sun it becomes more apparent.
I applaud you Cheri Lindsay for this video and the others on your YouTube page!

I learned from her page that there is a "National Vitiligo Day"
She set up a challenge in 2012 to tell a Vitiligo story on film/video…
OK…  I will!
Expect it up on the internet on or around  "National Vitiligo Day" which is June 25th

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