Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ten Days Left!

Ten days left…  And we're just under 1,000.00 dollars left to go.

Thaks to all of you who have been into the Elmwood thing we do all these years, thanks to all the old and new fans.
Thanks to everyone who has kicked into the Kickstarter, shared it, Tweeted it, liked it, and told people about it!

I really wasn't sure about a doing a Kickstarter and you've all proved me wrong!
I promise this movie will be amazing, as will everything we follow it with!!!

Help us get to 3000,00!!!!  THANK YOU ALL!


Unknown said...

I tweeted your project, posted it on my Facebook page and I posted it on Google Plus. Hopefully some of my readers will back it.

Jon From Elmwood said...

Thank you so much!!! Every little bit is going to help!