Friday, February 13, 2015

Josh and Todd...

With all the hype for "HEAD" since last summer (with the Kickstarter, the behind the scenes videos, the screenings coming up) it's easy to miss out or forget that Elmwood has made other things.  Hahahaha!

One of them is our first feature film; "Josh and Todd: The Story of A Man and His Puppet"!
And tomorrow we'll be posting he movie in full on YouTube.  
I'm not going to do a huge crazy post about how we made the film, like I did with "HEAD" earlier this week.  But, I am going to say thank you.  
Thank you to everyone who worked on the film, and performed in it.
Thank you to everyone who came to a screening over the past few years and laughed.
Thank you to everyone who got a hold of the "Official Bootleg" DVD and dug it and shared it.
Thanks to everyone who put up with me while making the flick.
And thank you to Brie!

So come back tomorrow to see the flick!
And now some pictures from the movie…  
The crazy people who made it, were in it, and helped get it screened!

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