Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday Song... A great weekend behind me, looking forward to the rest of the year...

Good morning Monday...

Last week I had a couple weights lifted off my shoulders.  One was a little sad, the other was a huge relief.  Nope, I really won't get into the meat of it here, now.  That's for another day.
Today though, I'll present a Monday Morning Song...  One that kinda fits my mood of relief, and moving forward, and it's just silly fun...

Looking so forward to the creativity of this year.  It really has started off on the right foot.
I feel so good about the work I'm making, and the people I'm making it with.   No slight to anyone before, but right now just feel so right.
And I feel so good about me.  Where I'm at, and who I am.
That's a good feeling to have...  I hope everyone I know can feel this way at some point too.

And here's another tune..  Just cuz I like it!

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