Saturday, September 3, 2016

Labor Day Weekend.. As always - SUPPORT THE MDA!

From last Saturday to today it's been a loooong week. 
Last Saturday was awesome, Elmwood was at the CT Horror Fest to promote HEAD, and it was a huge success!  Saw some great friends, and met a ton of great new people...

Wednesday was a blast too...  The shooting of the "Risley Brothers" series is getting close to the finish line!

And I got pooped on.  No fun.  But that's another story of another day, hahaha...

And now...  A day off.
Before I spend the day mowing the lawn and then in the studio just wanted to point out it's Labor Day weekend.

For me it's more than a extra day off.  It's a soul feeding weekend.  I spent most them growing up running from MDA event to MDA event and watching the MDA telethon, and always ended up at Channel 3 here in CT at the end of the day Monday for the end of the telethon.  Those were fascinating and wonderful times.  I miss them, and so many of the people... 
So join me this weekend in supporting the MDA,
fill a fireman's boot, make a donation online...  Whatever you want! 

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