Thursday, February 15, 2018


Elmwood's working on a bunch of horror related projects at the moment.  Straight horror and comedic horror...
And it got me thinking about a film we never did, called "Leave".  
I wrote about it a bit back in 2015 when we were just about to release HEAD.  
And I remembered the blog we set up for it.  And it's still there!  All the content was deleted except for a little promo for HEAD that was posted in 2015 as well...
I have a DVD of auditions, and some art I did for it - costume designs and monsters, and that's about as far as it goes for anything in the Elmwood archives.  
Makes me wonder what if?  Ya know?
The flicks we went on to do are amazing.  Still though, I wonder what that flick would have been!  Would it have been any good?  Who knows!?
Maybe someday we'll just do it...  With puppets!  But I guess that's not entirely up to me, hahaha...

Anyway...  Back to writing...  
There's a vampire everyone's been waiting to see again!

Update! -4/13/18
Found the video...  Was never really meant for public viewing, just for the Elmwood gang - But here it is, enjoy!

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