Monday, December 17, 2018

Saints VS Scoundrels and Some Barely Brew

I'm not a super religious man...  But very spiritual. 
I have my beliefs and stand by them, but will never force them on anyone else... 
Now with that said - I'm here to promote something very religious. 
My good friend Rick Corbo is not just a handsome guy.  He is also super talented... 
He sings, acts, puppeteers, writes...  He does it all. 

And he was recently on a show called "Saints Vs Scoundrels" for The Eternal Word Television Network, AKA EWTN.

Rick played that episodes scoundrel, Thomas Hobbes...  And he was awesome in the show.
It was a ton of fun to see my friend do such a great job on the show!  While I may not agree with everything the show promotes I do understand the sentiment, from both the scoundrel and the saint...  

Pick is up on DVD HERE
And Rick is so badass he even did all his own stunts!

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