Friday, November 1, 2019

Bernice, Too!

The Kickstarter for "Bernice, Too" was a success! Did you miss out on it and still want to help the movie get made?
Well that's awesome!
Head on over to and look for "The Bernice, Too Package"!
By purchasing the package all the proceeds from it will go right into making "Bernice, Too" and you'll get a shout out on Facebook and a thanks in the film credits!

The package includes a TON of Elmwood's series, films, and shorts! And is only available until November 1, 2019 WAIT, THAT'S TODAY!!!

If that isn't enough to get you in on it, then maybe Mike, Nicki, and Rick can persuade you -
                Here's what "The Bernice, Too" package includes:
For only $20.00 you'll get the following films and series:
"Animal Behavior" - 13 episode series (PG)
"The Risley Brothers:Welcome to The Wooden Beaver" - Short film (PG-13)
"The Risley Brothers" - 10 episode series (PG-13)
"The Risley Brothers in The Legend of Cotterville Road" - Short film (PG-13)
"The Jungle Man" - Short film (R)
"Josh and Todd: The Story of a Man and His Puppet" - Feature film (R)
"Steve the Vampire" - 12 episode series (PG-13)
And when the film is complete you'll also get "BERNICE, TOO"! All for $20.00.
To buy all these separately would be $30.00!
What are you waiting for? An invite? Well, consider yourself invited!!!

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