Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Nutmeg Chatter Presents - The Claw's Corner

Just before we got hit with this pandemic I recorded a radio show called "Nutmeg Chatter - The Claw's Corner"
I had guested on Nutmeg Chatter a few years ago, and was invited by when a new host took over.  The new host, Rich Cyr, wanted to chat all things HEAD and Elmwood.
When we were done with this interview we chatted about doing another, but talking about the "Evil Dead" films, since we both liked them so much...  Then BOOM...  Pandemic...
Once we were hit with that Rich reached out to do it over Zoom, and it turned into a show!
We started "Reel Talk" from this...
But here is the interview with Rich that got is started.  Hope ya like it!

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