Thursday, July 9, 2020

From The Elmwood Vaults: The PLINK Years!

In 2001 Elmwood Productions started... Slowly... As we reach our 20th year making this madness we've been adding videos to YouTube from "The Elmwood Vaults". And not including footage from these early days would have been a shame! Sure, it's not Elmwood's greatest works. But it is what lead us to where we are today! So by 2003 Elmwood was creating and shooting a series called “It’s Late Enough with Plink” and a short film called “Josh and Todd” . “Josh and Todd” was put on hold after a couple days of shooting, and was eventually re-started in 2008, and released in 2011. “Plink” was worked on from 2003-2006, and was never released officially. Here, for the first time is the “pilot” for “It’s Late Enough with Plink” and a trailer for the 2003 unfinished version of “Josh and Todd”. Also presented is a “demo reel” for “It’s Late Enough” . We hope you enjoy these odd slices of Elmwood history! Music by Simon Sinister Shot, edited,written, and directed by Jon Bristol and Russ Bird Copyright 2002-2020 Elmwoood Productions Some slight edits were made to the original content.

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