Saturday, October 17, 2020


Mouth Puppet for "Defining Monsters" and "Bernice, Too"

Some puppets create themselves...  
Curt was a foam head I had build over a year ago that was just on the work bench.  A prototype head that i wasn't sure about.  Then back in August I got a sample of this fleece from Puppet Pelts and wanted to try it on something, so I dusted off that random head...  Then went to work.  
No sketch or design in mind.  
Suddenly it was a familiar face.  I had made my late friend, Jordan.
A funny version of him for sure though.  And I think he would have cracked up at seeing this.
Then, as I wrapped up the hair and beard it sunk in...  Was was making this on the anniversary of his death.
Maybe it was the cosmos guiding my hands.  Maybe it was coincidence.
Either way, I love the way this puppet came out.  

Jordan had been the inspiration for the character Wes in "The Risley Brothers", and kinda used his look for Tom in "HEAD"...  But this guy really captures Jordan's wild and silly side for me.
Please forgive my head in the shot, haha

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