Monday, August 2, 2021

Stand Up And Be Strong. Monday Song Part 2.


More re-invention... 

This time Prince does Soul Asylum.
And he makes it his own.

I love Prince.  Anyone who knows me knows that.
I also love Soul Asylum.  Maybe I should be living in Minneapolis? Haha.

Prince kills it here, but I do prefer the original though.

I've got history with this song.  The original version came out summer 2006. It was a time that the world thought Soul Asylum was long over.  And they came back.  With the best album in their career; "The Silver Lining".
And I was looking for one myself.  And so many of those songs hit me hard.  And hit home, and my heart.  Two other albums that year were equally as powerful. "Stadium Arcadium" from Red Hot Chili Peppers and "3121" from Prince. 
And here's Prince bringing his version of a song that really kicked me, and it's kicking me again.
Thank you Dave, and thank you Prince.

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