Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Wait... It's done filming???

Sunday was a wrap on principal filming for "Bernice, Too"

What that means is all the major shots are done.  All that may be left to film are a couple little things we may have missed along the way, or if we come up with something to add while editing.

But for all intentions - the movie is done filming.
It's been quite a trip.  We hoped to have this out a year ago.  But, well a pandemic happened.  And life happened.

But we did it. 
By hook or by crook we did it.

Thank you to Mike for coming up with the idea for this flick and for sitting with me as we took it to the next level of weird.  And thank you to the whole Elmwood crew for all the ideas, skits, and pure talent that you all brought into making this movie.

To all the Kickstarter bakers - Thank you too!  For your patience and support!

The genius that is Ricky is now editing the flick...  

Hold on to your hats - 02/18/2022 "Bernice, Too" is coming!  Pants Optional.

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