Saturday, February 19, 2022

Thank you. 20 years of Elmwood!

February 2011.
I love this picture of me.
Elmwood had just wrapped up our first screening of "Josh and Todd" and I was spent.  
And joyful.
I flopped to the ground and my buddy Joe told me to hold still and snapped this picture.
That is a man exhausted.  
That is also a man happy.

Last nite Elmwood Productions had our first screening of "Bernice, Too" and we wrapped up the celebrations for 20 Years of Elmwood Productions.
No picture of me to share today.  I'm gonna save them for another post after I relax a little...
And I am a man exhausted.  A man happy.
And a man ready for the next project.  And we have some surprises coming.
But for now I'm gonna get away from social media and this computer for a few days.
See ya!

Oh - and if you missed the show last nite - 
Limited quantities available!


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