Thursday, April 28, 2022

My Brothers Army.

My brother Michael was a huge G.I. Joe fan.  
The action figures in the 1980's, the comics, the cartoon.  All of it.
As he hit adulthood Hasbro started releasing a line of figures call "Hall of Fame" where they took the most popular characters and did them in the original 12 inch style figure of the 1960's and 1970's.  These started about a year before he died, and he immediately wanted to collect them.
So he did!
What is in this picture were all the figures he got as they came out, and a couple I eneded up buying after he passed to keep his collection going.  He love these things.
More came out, but I stopped buying them.  Maybe someday I'll track the others down.
For years they have been in a box in storage.  It was time to get them out.  I always wanted to display them since he loved them so much.  Now, they are here protecting my office.
Yo Joe! 

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