Saturday, December 31, 2022

The Elmwood People

This is not Bernice.
I bet you're still wondering "Who is Bernice?"

As we wrap up the year I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported us the past 20 years... All the family, friends, fans, and more... Thank you. Thank you for everything.
And thank you to the folks in this picture. The Elmwood Productions class of 2022.
We made "Bernice, Too" happen... And we keep making more!

Enjoy this last day of 2022. Hope yours was as good as mine, or even better.
2023 - Here we come!

Left to Right:  Rick Corbo, Alex Sims, Rick Alan, Jess Rawling, Tina Mislivets, Rich Mislivets, Keith Paul, John Fulcher, Nicki LaPorte, Mike Finland, Pete "Tricky" Lucco, Rick Passmore, Jon Bristol. 

And here's a little something special to wrap up the year.
When we had our premiere screening of "Bernice, Too" back in February there was pre-show video that ran on the screen in the theatre while we were having the pre-show cocktail hour, and people were coming in. Some folks made it to seats and relaxed and got to see the video. Others hung out in the lobby until showtime. The video was a "slideshow" of pictures celebrating 20/21 years of Elmwood Productions.

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