Thursday, June 1, 2023

Ahh... 76.1

 Been a great couple months...

Been filming and prepping with the Elmwood gang and just living and loving and learning.

June 1st.  It's summer as far as I'm concerned.  Let's have some fun.

According to the National Center for Health Statistic the average American male now live 76.1 years.
So that gives me roughly 28 years.  
Got me thinking about two things. 
What will I do with those 28 years?
And, what was I doing at 28 years old?

After wracking my brain for a bit I came up with what was up at 28. 
2003, I had moved back to Connecticut from Florida in the late summer of 2002.
By my 28th birthday I was working a fun job, making puppets, collecting comics, and Elmwood was really just starting to become "a thing".  
Steve the Vampire was created within the year, for example.
My life...  Day to day...  I was married, addicted to coffee, had a great small apartment with wife and two cats. And Tricky lived next door.  Good times.
The master bedroom was the "Elmwood Studio" where I wrote, built puppets, and we filmed. It was cramped but awesome.
Reading comics, watching movies, and goofing off.  28 was a good year. 
Those two cats, that wife, and most of the folks who were part of Elmwood back then are all gone now. 
And that's the way of time.

What's gonna happen for the next 28? 
The fact is no one knows what will happen. No one can really predict if we will even wake up tomorrow morning. 
I have plans though.  Mostly to keep going. I'm afraid if I stop, even for a week, I won't start back up! 
Elmwood has dozens of projects to make. I have things I want to do outside of that. I like living this life. I like not being bored or sedentary. 
I want new things to keep happening.

Let's get weird.

Puppets on Saturdays will kick back in starting in September! 
Here's some pics from the start of 2023...

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