Saturday, January 20, 2024

Holy Toledo

Dave "Holy" Toledo
The World's Most Fantastic Stuntman

Mouth Puppet

This guy was made back in 2007.  And we planned to use him in a show called ""Holy" Toledo: The World's Most Fantastic Stuntman" around that time, but it never came together. 
When we went to make "Bernice, Too" we dusted off the idea for a scene in the movie and it got some great laughs and inspired us to finally go and write and create the show.
And somehow, I never added this puppet here before!
So, this puppet that is over 16 years old is finally getting his break this year when the show starts coming out. 
Dave himself is based on an amazing old friend we call Dave the Beautiful Man.
The real Dave no longer has a cheesy moustache (or hair on his head) but he's still a beauty for sure!


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