Thursday, August 23, 2012

G@MRZ!!! Yay!!!

We made a series of shorts last year and this year about a group of role playing game freaks called "G@mrz"...
And before we post them all online and put out the eventual DVD we're premiering it at Paris In Plantsville on 9/29!

This series is special to me.  It's the first time in Elmwood history I sat on the sidelines...
I didn't wirte it or direct it, or produce it...  Hell, I was only an additional puppeteer!  Not ven a lead.  It was a nice break too...
All I did was make the puppets. 

So who did all the hard work?
Jim Williams, that's who.  
And he should be proud.  He made some funny shit.

And since we're celebrating Elmwood's Tenth still, it's the perfect time to release this on you...
I hope you come to see it September 29!
More info HERE!
and here's the trailer - Enjoy!

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