Saturday, July 8, 2017

Fozzie - From The Collection

Elmwood's had a crazy busy week...  So instead of posting a puppet I made this Saturday I'm posting one from the collection I haven't yet...
Fozzie Bear
From the Collection

Although I had this when I was a kid, this is not the one.  The Fozzie I had disappeared years and years ago. 
This guy was a gift from Elmwooder Alex and his wife Marie.
They actually found him and a matching Fisher Price Kermit at a Savers....  And it'a amazing how good of shape they are both in.  I still have my old childhood Kermit, but it's really cool to have another in the collection.
Means the world to me that Marie and Alex thought of me, and got these puppets for me.
Thanks you two.

Here's as pic of the Kermit, too!

Also, thank you "Debbie Fisher"...  
I have no idea who you are, but your name is on a piece of masking tape inside Fozzie.  So, thank you Debbie for hardly playing with these puppets!  Cuz now I can!

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