Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Random Memories of Puppetry

As a kid I was pretty obsessed with my puppets. 
Big surprise right?  Hahaha...
At some point I was "too cool" though and figured I should give them away.  
My mom thought otherwise.  And I'm glad she did.  
I still have most of the puppets from my childhood, specifically the Muppet ones.
I had more than just Muppet puppets, but only a couple made all the way to adulthood with me, while almost all the Muppet puppets did.
A few were so worn out they got tossed, and a couple did disappear.  
Last year Alex and Marie even gave me an old Fozzie Bear matching one that disappeared years ago...  Pretty good friends, huh?
I'm a lucky guy for sure...

Today, while poking around the internet I came across this picture...
And a couple memories came rushing back... 
I had that stage!  Hahaha!  Man, I gotta track that down somehow!
And that Big Bird, Ernie and Bert too...  They all disintegrated over the years.
But thanks to my mom, I still have that Cookie Monster!
And it reminded me of a Grover puppet my brother had.  
He loved that thing.  And it's one that is gone now.  I wish I knew what happened to it.
I'm definitely going to have to search that out someday.
I remember the stage well.  It was a birthday gift.  Cardboard is really all it was.  Meant to stand on a table.  The inside was white and I have pictures in my head of drawing ideas and puppets and things inside it.  And I can remember being in my room putting on shows for no one but maybe the dog, Cassie, and loving it.  
Funny how a picture can just make your mind run wild.

It was fun to have this come back to my mind today, a day that most of the Elmwood gang got together and went over our plans to the first half of the year.  We're going to be super busy, and it's exciting!  
Can't wait to get started filming!

And I'd be crazy not to mention...  The most Muppety thing we have done so far, "ANIMAL BEHAVIOR" is now online to watch!
Click HERE to see it!

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