Sunday, April 19, 2020

Reel Talk Episode 1

So I never wanted to be one of those guys who sits on camera and talks about "stuff".  Then I met Rich Cyr.  I sat down with Rich a month or so ago to be interviewed for his radio show "Nutmeg Chatter Presents Claw's Corner", to talk about HEAD and all things Elmwood.  And we hit it off.
Rich is a genuine sweet guy, and his enthusiasm for talking about movies is contagious!  When I was being interviewed he mentioned having me back on to just talk about horror films.  And I was in, for sure.
Then, well, the plague...
So Rich reached out and mentioned doing the interview/conversation via Zoom.  And before either of us knew it we had a "show" on our hands.
And Reel Talk was born.  We'll be chatting about horror films, mostly.  The first one is us geeking out over the "Evil Dead" flicks.   What I like is that we're not being critics.  We're not analyzing every detail.  We're just talking about movies we like, and our experiences as fans.
I don't think we're locking ourselves to a strict schedule either.  Just when we can, and have fun!  Hoping to get some of the Elmwood crew on for episodes, because they are all true movie geeks too.  I look forward to not having to do this via a webcam too.  Can't wait to record in "real life".
Check it out if you want!  

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