Saturday, December 12, 2020

Hobo Joe

Hobo Joe
Mouth Puppet from "Bernice, Too"

This puppet actually started a decade ago.  I was commissioned to make a re-make of a puppet called Kyhole and when I got the head done I sent a pic to the puppeteer, Wayne Poe.

Good thing he has a sense of humor, cuz I did it wrong.  Haha...
So I started Kyhole over and this head sat around the studio forever...  About 2 years ago I finally gave him a body.  And then is just sat again.  
As we were prepping for a scene in "Bernice, Too" we needed a couple puppets for this scene, and I went right for this guy!  He's perfect for the flick, and Rich Mislivets who puppeteered him nailed it!

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