Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Order "Bernice, Too" Now! Before It's Too Late!

 "BERNICE, TOO" is coming to streaming! For one weekend only!!!

Head on over to now to pre-order the film!
Now through March 24 are the pre-orders for only $10.00 for this flick and from 3/24 through 3/26 it will be $15.00!
And after 3/26 it will no longer be available to order! But if you have bought it, you'll have it there to watch anytime! Don't miss this!

Two men. One wheelchair. And a day in their lives... The world is a wonderful and strange place. Let's spend some time in theirs. "Bernice, Too" is a music infused experimental sketch comedy, starring a cast of puppets, in a world of our creation. Nothing too deep. But, maybe just deep enough.
"Bernice, Too" is PG-13.
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