Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Steve and Jim!

The men who are Kermit...  Both celebrating birthdays today!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

"The beat is yours forever"

The twenty years thing keeps creeping up...
My brother, Michael, passed away 20 years ago today.

Today I'm going to celebrate.  Do things I enjoy, and laugh alot.
You should do the same!

And support the MDA!

Here's the a song from the last CD my brother bought...  It's one that I remember him saying he really liked....
They just don't make 'em like this anymore!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Coffee in hand...
Dr. John on the stereo...
Puppets on the worktable...

A good Friday morning.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013

On This Day...

On this day in 1993 The Hits/The B-Sides was released...

I was already a huge Prince fan.  But this boxed set pushed me over the edge.  I was now officially obsessed.  I remember getting up to go get it the day it came out.  My brother asked me to pick up "Bat Out Of Hell 2: Back Into Hell" for him while I was out (it came out the same day!).

I got home, and my brother and I ended up playing Bat 2 first, just sitting by his enormous stereo, and probably playing it too loud.
Then we listened to some Prince while hanging out.  Not all of it though, Michael wasn't as much of a fan.
That nite though, in my room..  Of man, I fell inside that set and didn't come out of Paisley Park for a couple years.
14 Days later my brother died.  It may sound corny but that set and Bat 2 helped me get through it, the beginning of it.  Those first few crazy weeks...
As Iggy Pop sang "Geez...  It's been twenty years, Candy"

Friday, September 13, 2013


It's a philosophy, or way of thought and behavior, I've been trying to do myself...  ".W.W.H.D.?" 
"What Would Henson Do?"

In every book about him, or every interview you can read or watch about him from someone who knew and worked with him they all say how Jim Henson nearly never lost his temper, or raised his voice in anger, and lead the way by doing.  
This is something I am trying t do myself.  With my crew of crazy people.  And it's not easy.  For me at least.   I am very passionate about the fun we have, the work we do.  And it does get the best of me.  I'm writing this now to remind myself to behave this way, the "WWHD?" way and I have been able to keep my cool this morning doing it.  I was placed in a stressful creative spot and instead of flying off the handle I did my best to explain my side, and how the person causing this stress to me has made themselves look with their behavior to the rest of the crew.  I don't know if I got through.  And it really doesn't matter.  What matter is that I didn't loose my cool.  I didn't fly off the handle.  And it hasn't made my morning crappy.  From the moment I read my first text this morning I paused, made some tea, and said out loud to my cats "What Would Henson Do?" and they didn't give me any advice, but that's OK.    I sat down and started to type this, and in-between typing this I texted back.  I think there is a resolution, at least for me.  And I can go on with my day with a smile.
Cuz I kept my cool... 
Like Jim...  
Or Morris Day!

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Original Hipsters

Been thinking of my brother a lot the past few days...

And of these guys...  

Friday, September 6, 2013


Although I may not be a resident artist at Paris In Plantsville anymore, it doesn't mean that from time to time Elmwood and I will show up, kick the doors down and give you a good time...
The same goes for Christian Ayala and GAllery of a Clown...
So we're doing just that.
We are giving you the Halloween party kick off you've been asking for!
A Halloween Influenced Art show (open call!!!)
A screening of "The Complete Steve the Vampire"!
A screening of "The Rocky Horeror Picture Show"!

All the details stolen from Paris In Plantsville's Facebook Event page: 

Opening 10/12/2013 at Paris in Plantsville please join us as we creep up with 
"Oh The Horror! - Halloween Art Show" 
Presented by Elmwood Productions and Gallery of a Clown!
"Oh The Horror!" is an open call to all artists of all mediums to exhibit art reflecting this ghoulish and scary season! Make sure to get your Halloween costume ready early and wear it to the opening! It's the Halloween Bash of 2013!
Drop off for the work is October 6th and 7th With a $10.00 submission fee. Let's see your ghoulish art, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, macabre, and fun!

The opening starts at 6:00 PM on 10/12 and at 8 PM the fun really begins with a double feature of Halloween films!
Up first is everyones favorite vampire!
"STEVE THE VAMPIRE" from Elmwood Productions -
You keep asking for it, so we're bringing him back!
"The Complete Steve The Vampire" follows the adventures of Steve who was turned into a vampire as a teenager and although now in his mid-twenties, he just can't catch a break trying to prove himself in the vampire community. Between his overbearing mother, his indifferent girlfriend, and his unlikely friendship with Dracula, he still manages to keep his head on straight and do his best to avoid being staked by the local vampire slayer.
And all he wants to do is hang out, watch some Star Trek, and enjoy a good glass a blood...
And them following Steve at 9:00 PM....
LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN! - The Rocky Horror Picture Show!!! Bring your toast, rice, and dress like your most loved character from the show! But, please, leave the squirt guns at home!

The show will run for the rest of October, so f you miss the opening you'll still get to see the art... But really, if you miss the opening we'll send monsters to hide under you bed and torment you all month! So be there!
We can't wait to see the madness in the art! Let's get scary!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Album of The Week: Appetitie For Destruction

I ran out of Prince albums....  But I'm gonna keep it going each week starting with this classic... 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sunday, September 1, 2013

ANIMAL BEHAVIOR Screening! 10/11/13

This is gonna be a great time...  
I hope you come to it!

We invite you to join us for the premiere screening of "Animal Behavior" on October 11, 2013!
The screening is part of the two weekend Apple Harvest Festival in Southington CT, and is sponsored by Harvest the Arts!

Starring Jim Wiliams and Mike Finland, Animal Behavior is the story of Tugger and Ripper. Two seemingly normal house cats. But Tugger has a plan. He's in love with his owners girlfriend. And to get her love he can only find one solutions. World domination. And it starts at home. He ropes his kitten brother Ripper into doing away with their owner Jon by hatching traps, and pranks that may cause his demise. Once Jon's gone they can live with his girlfriend and then take over the world from there. But nothing goes as planned and the world just isn't ready for two cats to run it! If you're a fan of Looney Tunes and The Muppets then Elmwood Productions' "Animal Behavior" is right up your alley!

The screening will be right on Center Street during the festival... So it's free! And outside! Feel free to bring your favorite lawn chair (or bean bag!) to sit down and enjoy the show! 
"Animal Behavior" is G-Rated fun for the whole family. Before and after the show the puppets will be on hand hanging out for pictures and fun!

And there is MORE!
The following day 10/12/13, Harvest The Arts will also be having the Art Walk on Center Street, featuring tons for talented artists at work down the street, and we'll be there too! Making puppets, and sculptures and cartoons! Elmwood artists Gabe Finkenstein, Nick Foreman, Jeremy Jordan, and Jon Bristol will be sharing their work along with our guest Brie McDonald!

More information on Harvest the Arts and the Apple Harvest Festival here: