Thursday, May 31, 2012

We The People: People's Choice Juried Show

Coming to Paris In Plantsville!

We The People: People's Choice Juried Show

How It Works:
Every Man, Woman & Child entering the Gallery on July 7th will be handed a voting ballot. Voting will take place all day or their favorite work of art. The vote's will be tallied and the winner will be announced at 10 p.m. July 7th as the Presidential winner, and take home a cash prize.

Submission Info:
-$10 per entry
-As many entries as you want! 
-Work will be submitted June 28,29,30 during regular gallery hours 12-8 p.m.
-At the closing of the show, work must be picked up Aug 1,2,3

Celebrate Democracy at it's finest! Every vote matters! and everyone has a chance to have a voice! Hope you can join us!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Old Lyrics - Can You Feel The Rain?

Can You Feel The Rain?

Sitting here with my head on this dusty table,
My voice is tired from yelling with you.
What I’d give for one night of your tender kisses,
But now I find it hard to believe
That we had it all and you were all that I’d need,
And I didn’t even get to kiss your heart good-bye.

I just don’t understand anymore,
What the Hell are we fighting for?
Can you feel the rain in your hair?
If not then please let me be.

Tonight you’re out and I haven’t a clue what you’re up to.
I’m trying to sleep, but still thinking of you.
You’re constantly wasted, and I’m always high.
I’m trying so hard not to break down and cry,
So I lie on my back and try to forget about you.
I feel so alone I don’t what is let to do.

I just don’t understand anymore,
What the Hell are we fighting for?
Can you feel the rain in you hair?
If not then please just let me be.

Now the brunette’s on top and I’m out of my head,
You’re with another man in our bed.
And it’s funny how we don’t,
We don’t give a damn.

I just don’t understand anymore,
What the Hell are we fighting for?
Can you feel the rain in you hair?
If not then please
Just let me be.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Old Lyrics - The Amanda Song

The Amanda Song
(Not Based On A True Joke)

She came to my apartment
To change her pants she said.
Her boyfriend was at the bar,
Or was it work?
I forgot what she said.

Another beauty in my bathroom
I'm sitting on my couch
I can't explain what happened
It always seems to happen

Work work work
Most awkward Monday ever
We don't even make eye contact
Most awkward Monday ever
Work work work

She came to my apartment
"We gotta talk" she said
Three word I dread to hear
They keep ringing in my head

And she says:
" I hope our baby has eyes just like yours"

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mr. Henson...

On my ride to Paris In Plantsville this morning I was thinking about the history of Elmwood Productions...  All the people who have been there, helped me make it happen, and those who have immersed their lives into it with me...  It's swallowed some of us whole!  Hahaha...  
I started thinking about how I got here and how I fell in love with puppets.  It was The Muppets, it was Jim Henson and his crew that kicked it off for me.  It's been with me my whole life.  I can't remember the "Ah-ha" moment that I fell in love with it.  But I can remember the day it hit me that I wanted to do this my whole life.  Freshmen year of high school in the start of the year...  That following May Jim Henson passed away.  I was devastated.
So I get to Paris, and laugh at Todd sitting on a table among the art in the studio, and I giggle a myself wearing a Kermit t-shirt.  Then I go to the computer to hit the net and do my routine and I see the date...  May 16.  The date stands out to me every year.  May 16, 1990 was the day Jim Henson died.  Maybe it was in the back of my head while getting dressed this morning, maybe it was in the back of my head on the ride to the gallery.  Maybe it's just become part of who I am: A Puppeteer.
The statement below I posted on Elmwood's Facebook page a few minutes ago and wanted to share it here too:
Jim Henson is the man that inspired myself and us (Elmwood Productions) to go where we are today... We've had many influences since then from other puppeteers, and film makers, musicians, artists, and even our families and friends... But Mr. Henson we must thank you for getting the ball rolling... I'm sure you're proud of The Muppets, The Henson Company, the Sesame Gang, and all those who were inspired to follow in some form your creative footsteps.
- JB

The Painter Episode 3

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Old Lyrics - Short Song

Short Song

I feel better
It's not that I was sick
Just wasn't that well.
At all
Focusing on the event at hand
Give me your hand

Smile with a sadness in your eyes
Or maybe just tired
Roll those eyes to the back of your head
Let's sleep again

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Where the Wild Man Went...

Maurice Sendak passed away on Tuesday.  When I got home last nite I was sitting on my bed reading, and I looked over at my nightstand...  It's cluttered; an Ipod dock that never stops playing music, a lamp, a handful of small notebooks, sketchbooks, and pens and pencils, a candle, and a small doll of Max...  The Wild Thing.

It got me thinking about his work and the influence it had on me.
As a kid of  the late 1970's/early 1980's his books were a staple in my local library, and school library.  Some of my earliest memories of books were of "A Night In The Kitchen", "The Nutshell Library" and of course "Where the Wild Things Are"  Not to mention the animation work he did with Sesame Street, and the "Really Rosie" film...

In 1993 when I really decided to start looking into puppetry as a life (or lifestyle I suppose)  I spend many a paycheck at the bookstores acquiring all kinds of art books; collections, how-to books, biographies, etc - on puppets, puppeteers, and artists and film makers I was interested.  I built up quite a library myself, and still am doing so.
One of the books I bought early on, summer of '94 in fact, was "The Art of Maurice Sendak".  I remember working in a plaza in Connecticut called Corbin's Corner at a coffee shop called The Coffee Company, and walking over to the bookshop there (Walden Books, I think) and seeing the book in the bargain bin.  Without thinking about it twice I grabbed it and went back to the coffee shop.  In-between customers I read the whole book in a day.  And the pictures...  Man, not just of his art...  But of his studio space, his life...  I knew that was awesome and inspiring.
Even recently I was blown away again  by what Spike Jonez did with the film of "Where The Wild Things Are"...

So I want to thank you Mr. Sendak.  For your work, your inspiration to me.

Mr. Universe and Don: Grillin'

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Old Lyrics - No Title

Danced with the locals and slept in the kingdom,
Didn't see any cowards and
Everyone said what they meant
And meant what they felt,
And they looked me in the eye
When they would say:
I love you or hate you
I'm clearly insane with a dash of overconfidence,
Lightly sprinkled with melancholy and
Self righteousness and a touch of
Happy rage

So why am I in my head?
Dancing dance
With the dead,
Wanting to eat sugary sweets
Drifting toward your pretty feet
I found a wedding dress
On the side of the street
Wanted to wear it
When we next meet
There’s a place inside
A Elmwood sky
A place that we found to hide
Behind the building
On Quaker Lane
You held me close and called me sweet
I won’t kiss you
So don’t bother to beg
I won’t kiss you
So don’t brush your teeth today
I won't f**k you

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Opening This Saturday at PARIS IN PLANTSVILLE!

Paris In Plantsville is honored to be hosting 
Featuring the Art of Rebecca Shemms, Allison Chatelle, and David Hubbard.

This exhibition is in partial fulfillment of the Master of Science Degree in Art at Central Connecticut State University.

Opening Reception is Saturday May 5, 2012 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM, and the exhibition runs 5/5 through 5/31 during normal gallery hours

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Old Lyrics - Martian Love Face

Martian Love Face

So kill me
And laugh in my face
So thrill me
Let's go to outer space

You laugh and laugh
In my face
When we're in bed
At my place

A martian came
and came to town
Showed us love
Then burned it down

You laugh and laugh
In my face
When we're in bed
Or alone in my place

Just kill me
I can't take it anymore
Dance to whatever
Me so inspired by outer space

A martian came
And came to town
She showed us love
Then Burned me down

What the fuck are we left to do
This worlds so pathetic without you
My town's in shambles, and ruined by you
Just kill me