Monday, December 30, 2019

See ya in 2020!

What a year, huh?
I'm lucky guy and have a good life...  What more couldI possibly need...  
See ya in 2020!  Till then here's the New Year's post from Elmwood!~

As we are here in the last days of 2019 we want to say thanks.  

Thank YOU for an awesome 2019! We have a great 2020 lined up with a bunch of surprises and flicks coming your way!
And thank you to all the "BERNICE, TOO" Kickstarter backers and supporters! The movie is definitely going to be something special!
And a thanks to the spots we screened this year, and got extra love from - MAC 650 Gallery & Artist Co-Op for screening "Animal Behavior", Two Roads Brewing Company for their Roadsmary's Baby film fest for having us as part of the nite with "The Risley Brothers in The Legend of Cotterville Road" and to the judges of the film fest for choosing us as first place! And to the crew at Hardcore Sweet Bakery for screening "The Jungle Man' with "Paper City Burnout" from Diabolical Films

We had a blast this year! THANK YOU!
And start 2020 off right! Subscribe to Elmwood on YouTube!

We thank you for being with us in 2019, and next year is gonna be wild, don't miss a thing!

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Sweet Dreams Mr. Spinney

Caroll Spinney passed away a week ago at 85.  
An amazing life, and amazing man.
So many people were messaging me about it, and sharing links with me about it, and it warmed my heart to know people even thought of me and the Elmwood gang at this time. 
I think that's part of Caroll's legacy.  Kindness and thoughtfulness. 
I was sad to read of his passing, and still am.  He lead what was a wonderful life, and did many great things.  And through the characters he created and performed taught us to be good people. 
"Lead by example".  This makes Caroll one of the great leaders of all time. And one of the greatest puppeteers that ever lived.
I'll miss him, and his performances.  We're lucky to have them recorded so we can still watch them and share them for generations to come.

Every year around this time I make it a point to watch "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street".  It may be the best thing Sesame Street ever produced.  And Big Bird and Oscar are the heart and soul of the whole thing.  Big Bird and Oscar... Caroll Spinney.