Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Apple Harvest Film Fest!

Friday nite!
Join me at the Southington Apple Harvest Festival in the Southington Community Cultural Arts Building for a short film fest!
After a great screening of "The Risley Brothers" I was asked to juror this fest!
Can't wait to see ya Friday nite!
Click HERE for the full schedule of events that SoCCA is having at the Apple Harvest Festival!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Keeping Busy....

Some work in progress...
 And now off to the studio!


Monday, September 11, 2017

Lucky Man!

 I don't do a whole lot of talking about my personal life online, here on this blog, Facebook, etc...  
Usually I do my best to keep it about my art.  The puppets, the films, the doodles, and so on.  Sure I have touched on things over time, here and there.  But not a ton of it.
Today is different!
Tonite I want to put up a special post, about Brie.
I'm a lucky guy.
A few weeks ago I woke up in pain.  24 hours later I was in the ER.
Luckily it isn't anything life threatening, and I will be fine.  No, I won't get into details, since it's no big deal in the end...  
But my wife, Brie, was awesome through the whole thing, even keeping me laughing at the whole situation.  
We've been together for ten years.  Wow.  
I can't believe it myself sometimes.  
She keeps me laughing, well fed, and is totally on board with the crazy life I have managed to survive! 
 I've known plenty of couples who do not support each others interests and creative sparks, and I'm glad to have found some one that not only supports mine, but someone who has that spark herself, and it keeps me inspired in return.   And she loves the cats!
Again...  I'm a lucky guy.
Pics from the awesome Corey Lynn Tucker 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Fifteen years ago this week I moved back to Connecticut.
Although the seeds of Elmwood Productions had been planted a few years before.  I had the name, and puppets were made, and ideas and scripts existed...
But when I got back to CT in the fall of 2002 that they sprouted.
After moving back and re-connecting with Russ he asked something to the effect of "So...  Wanna start making puppet movies?"  He knew the answer...  And we really started.

Moments later Tricky Pete was in...  And by 2003 we were working on an early version "Josh and Todd" and "It's Late Enough With Plink"..
It took another four years for us to really find a groove we liked a lot.  Not that we didn't have fun from 2002 to 2006, cuz we did.  
We laughed a whole lot, and made some fun stuff.
But it was a little angry vampire that helped us get in the great groove...
And we're grooving better than ever these days.
Over the past 15 years I've been lucky and fortunate to have some amazing people work on the various project we have done as Elmwood Productions...
And I want to thank them all...  Literally.  
So, to keep it simple, you know who you are...  

Screw it...  Here's Everyone!  
In no specific order...
(but if I missed you, let me know, I'll fix it!)
Russ Werlebird
Pete "Tricky Rock" Lucco
Ricky Passmore
Mike Finland
Gabe Finkenstein
Rick Corbo
Paul DeNio
Nicki LaPorte
Alex Sims
Katie Scenic
Muffin Burton
Cassie Martin
Ray Attahiru
Kendra Meany
Nick Foreman
Chris Gierowski
Kelly Osborne
Dave The Beautiful Man
Josh Tanner
Liz Werlebird
Mark Elsinger
Keith Paul
Rob Meany
Anna Gawel
Jim Williams
Josh Leder
Liz Hill
Jeremy Jordan
Rachel Ly
Jena Gara
Brian Smith
Jaime Williams
Christopher A. Lemanski
Crystal Jordan
Manda Vasas
Sally Arlette-Garcia
Jorge Gonzales
Robert Fullerton
Chrissy Finland
Jennifer Lemanski
Erika Pocock
Dan Nyren
Eric Stegmaier
Sam Hugh
Rich Mislivets
Steph Neagle
Lisa Wilson
S.W. Rand
Chris "Chinaman" Ly
Ryan Brown
Sarah Maddalena
Matt Ficaro
Ricardo Davila
Sean Michanczyk
Michael Pucci
Shane McNeal
Amanda Towle
Desi Hugh
Ben Farley
Michelle Lucco
Ashley Zdeb
Jordan Deschene
Abel Mercado
Jackie Etling
Tugger, Ripper, Blue, Penny, and Phantom
Audrey Becker
Dan Sine
Mindy Levack
Pat Carroll
Brian Woodman
Jason Finberg
The staff at WRF Designs
Josh Blumenthal
Meghan Sandelli
Gaelon Morris
Everyone from the Ol' Paris In Plantsville
Theresa Martin
Joe Parker
Caitlyn Goode
Jesus Pimentel
Ajay Brainard
all the bands who hooked us up with music, all the venues who screened our flicks, all the sponsors who kept us fed and hydrated, all the press who interviewed us and gave us reviews and publicity, all the folks who have downloaded flicks on VHX and I Bleed Indie, all the Kickstarter backers from HEAD...
my folks, Linda, Roger, Sue..
and my awesome extended in-law family,
and of course my wife Brie...  Who has lived with this madness since the day we met, and still wanted to spend her life with me and even be a puppet!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Support the MDA!

MDA is amazing!  Help them keep up the great work...
Contribute HERE!