Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Adventures in Puppetry...

Last nite Elmwood Puppets had a screening at a gallery here in CT called Paris In Plantsville.
And I don't believe it could have gone better...
There's a post over on Elmwood's Blog that you can read for more on that here...

But on Puppet A Day I wanted to add a little more. Some thank yous.

Thank you Brie for always being awesome. You are. I'm a lucky man.
Thank you to the whole and extended McDonald family, you're support of my films and puppets amazing me, and means alot to me

Thank you to my folks, Roger and Sue, for also being so supportive!

To the Elmwood Crew - Without you guys wiggling the puppets the screening would have been rather boring!

And to the guys at Paris in Plantsville! You guys pulled it together and I think we all looked good! Hahaha!

And again to Joe Bun Keo... For really making the show happen!

A couple puppets are still at the gallery in case you want to get a look! And we were selling a limited edition DVD at the show, with proceeds going to MDA, there were a few copies left after the show, you can still pick one up at the gallery or email if you want one! Only five bucks!

Wanna see more pictures? Click the one above!

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