Thursday, September 9, 2010

Paris In Plantsville

Something must be in the Kool Aid over there.

A couple month ago Joe Calvo and I went to the gallery to talk with them about doing screening of Elmwood flicks, and maybe a show in the gallery featuring puppets. One of the Resident Artists suggested we do this, that would be Mr. Joe Bun Keo.
So we went, chatted and took off and hit ConnectiCon a few days later and had a blast.
About a month later Joe Bun Keo (AKA Mr. Sexy) called and asked if I could have something together by labor Day weekend.

So in just over a month we shot a new Steve the Vampire short, and put together an hour of puppet flicks (our greatest hits, perhaps) and I promoted, pimped and prepped the show.
Mr. Sexy and the guys at Paris got to know me pretty well as I was attending meetings and hanging out.

And then the show happened. And it went off without a hitch. And we had a packed house...

So Mr. Sexy Keo asks the other guys if they want to add a new Resident Artist, specifically me.

And they said yes... And I said yes... It's like being married, but without the sex.
So here I am.
Jon Bristol - Creative Director for Elmwood Productions
and now also
Jon Bristol - Resident Artist at Paris In Plantsville.

That's pretty cool!!!

Read more about it on Elmwood's blog too!

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