Wednesday, October 12, 2011

An attractive bunch...

Ladies in Gentlemen, weighing in at one million pounds of awesome and sexy; 
The Elmwood Productions Crew 2011...
left to right:
Tricky Pete Lucco
Shane McNeal
Russ Bird
Evil Jim Williams
Rachel Ryan
Gabe Finkinstein
Jaime Williams
Jon Bristol
Chris Chinaman Ly

I know it's now early for this but...  Thanks guys for an awesome year of puppet madness!

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Jon From Elmwood said...

We've had some help too...
Thanks to Jordan Deschene for doing some puppetry!
Thanks to Brie McDonald for shooting and general help on set!
Thanks to J.R. (Joe) Calvo for being The Hunter!
And thanks to Mike Bartkowiak for behind the scenes assistance too!