Monday, February 25, 2013

Animal Behavior!! It's almost done!

So we (Elmwood) finished shooting "Animal Behavior" last summer on probably the hottest two days of the year.
We were sweaty, the puppets were sweaty, and everyone was smiling...
It was "done"

Now we're in post-production.  We are currently dubbing the series.  Normally we do all the voices live, but we were short on puppeteers.  This is one time I'm glad we didn't do it live.  The voices we're putting the the puppets are really pulling the show together.  I'm loving it...
We probably have two or three more weeks to go before it's done, then music and sound effects.
Look for the first episode soon though!

In the meantime did you know our star - TUGGER - has a Facebook page?  You should be his friend!

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