Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Doodles doodles doodles..

No, no pictures of doodles today...

But I have been drawing a ton more lately.  It was my first passion. It's what lead me to puppetry.  If I wasn't doing puppet movies I'd be drawing comic books and strips.  
This morning, while flipping through over a decades worth of old sketchbooks I've decided to do that in my down time...  A comic.  I have a few strips I've drawn of the past 5 years, and so on.  So I'm just going to expand on it.  No time, no schedule, no rush.  Just doing it to do it.
As I finish a strip I'll post it, and post some of my old ones I already have done soon too, and once I finish a full comic I'll post it too.

Anyway...  Here's an oldie, and a look at something in Elmwood's future...

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