Monday, October 21, 2013

Mug of the Day

Todays mug: Animal Behavior from Elmwood Productions..
Coffee in it: Trader Joe's Joe Medium Roast with milk and sugar

This is a new thing I'm gonna do...  When I think of it!
Post a picture of the mug I am drinking my coffee out of, and what it is.  I won't do it every day, but when I'm online in my studio I'm gonna try to keep it up as much as possible, and use this time to share whatever else may be on my mind.  This site is "Jon's Java" after all.

Today on my mind is something simple and easy.  Something I think about every day.  Puppets.
I have a commission I have started (after I told myself "No More!", hahaha)  And I hope to have it finished up by Friday.  As I'm making him (a hill-billy) I keep thinking of the puppets I have to re-make over the next year, and an idea I had a few days ago.  This blog was originally "A Puppet A Day" and for a whole year I posted a puppet I made.  Starting next year I'm going to bring that back, kinda.  I have TONS of puppet making books, from crafty books aimed at kids to full blown art for grown ups.
I'm going to go through them.  And build as many of the different ones I can.  Then maybe start an Etsy page or something to get rid of them as I go.  If nothing else it'll be fun!

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