Wednesday, June 24, 2015

At least she didn't sparkle....

So I've been working late nites at my "day job" this week...  And each nite I have had a really odd dream.
But what I woke up with in my head today was a winner....  

I'm having my morning coffee and Ally Sheedy* shows up at my kitchen window.  It's just about dawn and she's wearing sunglasses and looks scared.  She asks if she can come in.  So, since she's Ally Sheedy, I say sure.  
Somehow magically she appears at my kitchen table, and has a coffee.  She didn't use a door or the window.  Just poof, she's there.

I jump a foot and she asks me to relax; "Although I am a vampire, I'm not going to bite you.  It's too close to morning to do that."

I'm sorry...  Ally Sheedy is a vampire?

She goes on to tell me that she became a vampire while making the movie "Maid To Order"  And since then she's been having trouble getting mainstream roles.  I suggested doing a "Short Circuit 3" and she said Johnny 5's head is too big now that he has "Wall-E money" from Disney.  Johnny was going to sue them for using his likeness without permission, so Disney paid him off to be quiet.

"So, since you're not here to bite me and drink my blood, why are you here?" I ask.

"I need a place to hide until sundown.  I'm being chased by Van Helsing."

And then I woke up... 

* - After seeing the Breakfast Club when I was 10 I had a huge crush on this woman... 

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