Saturday, September 10, 2016

Grover - Mouth Puppet

Mouth Puppet for the upcoming film "Debacle"
Debacle is a film Elmwood has been toying with since 2007.  Nearly ten years.  I wrote a quick script from a funny idea, and just ran with it.  We've talked over the years of doing it with actor. puppets, animation, as a comic book...  But another project always steps up and becomes a priority.  Over the summer I had some down time and built one of the leads, Grover here, for fun.  We already have Leon built, he's the other lead.  And we did use him in another short, "The Risley Brothers: Welcome To The Wooden Beaver"
as Thomas, the British jerk-wad.  For Debacle though Leon/Thomas got an update.  I'll post him again later. 
Anyway, I decided to build Grover base on a sketch I did in 2010.  He came out exactly how I wanted.  So whenever I have downtime I'll keep building the Debacle cast...  And one day the movie may actually get made!

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